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Scott E. HoughtonPlease allow me to introduce myself. I am Scott E. Houghton, Reiki Master Teacher. I was introduced to the Japanese art of Reiki in the fall of 2010 by friend and mentor Ms. Cindy Lane Newcomb when I was invited by her to come for a Reiki session with her. After the session, feeling the energy and the impact that it had on my life both during the session and for months after, amazed me. After the session, I was on a quest to find out more about Reiki. I read a few books on the subject, searched for information on the internet and in April of 2011, I took a class that Cindy had recommended, Reiki Level 1. The class blew my mind and I knew after the class, that I wanted to study Reiki, learn all that I could about it and most importantly, integrate it into my everyday life. From that day forward I have dedicated much of my personal life to studying, learning and practicing Reiki. I have accomplished this through reading, attending as many Reiki circles as I can and studying under three Reiki Masters.

In February 2012 I received my Reiki Master certification under the study of Anna M D'Andrea and my Master Teacher certification in July 2012 under Lorraine Austin. Just recently, I have begun studying Karuna Reiki with Lorraine Austin and look forward to completing the Karuna Master Teacher level under her guidance.