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- Level I (Shoden)
- Level II (Okuden)
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- Master Teacher (Shinpiden2)

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Reiki II (Okuden)

In level II you will learn to deepen your awareness of how Reiki works and how to deepen the awareness of yourself through meditation and apply the Five principles into your life. You will be guided through meditation on how to more deeply channel Reiki energy and to send Reiki Healing Energy across space and time.

You will learn:

How to work with a pendulum to explore a persons energy system and how it works, to spot problem areas or blockages.
Three sacred Reiki symbols, their meanings, when and how to use them.
How to incorporate the symbols into your practice of Reiki.

Learn and practice how to give a complete Reiki treatment.

You will receive:

The Level II attunement.
A certificate of completion allowing you to become a Reiki practitioner.
A manual to go along with this class.
A a pendulum to use in class and in your Reiki practice.

To take this level you need to have completed Reiki Level I.

Exchange - $100

Reiki II Class

Sunday, March 16th, 2014, 10am to 2pm

Location - Smithtown

Exchange - $100
Call for exact address - 607-727-4021